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Transformers In Character!
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prowl bird
*The bright morning, with only a hint of rain on the horizon woke Prowl early and he busied himself about the Dojo first, giving it a little clean and preparing some tea once he was satisfied it was all done. Making his way outside he smiles at a little bird bouncing over the rocks of the garden, looking for its early morning worm. Fascinated as always he watches it silently, tilting his helm curiously when the bird flits to a nearby tree.

Inhaling in the cool air through his vents he steps out into the garden and picks up a rake, intent upon finishing the work they started the other day. Casting his mind back to the day, he hums thoughtfully as he rakes the gravel. Sari had been so happy by their offer of moving in, it had literally happened that day.

Happily raking the stones, Prowl mused on how lucky he was to have such a beautiful home, to be alive against all odds and have a wonderful bondmate by his side and the friends they had here, comfortable without fighting or much suffering. Glancing up as one of those pesky prompts drifted by, teasing at his processor*


*chuckling softly as he loses himself to the raking, Prowl's smile widens*

Why would I need a vacation? Everything I could possibly want is right here. Why go anywhere else?

(Ooc: open post is open)
TFA Sari

Medbay is quiet, as it has been for a while now. She hasn't seen Ratchet and Bluestreak in ages, and their room was empty the one time she convinced the computer to unlock the door for her so she could check on them. All of the other residents seem to have gone as well, though Swoop stays so that she's not alone at night.

She's gone home with him a few times though, just to get out of the empty place and away from the memories.

She misses her friends and she misses her family and she can feel herself starting to spiral down into that dark depressed place that's been inside her since the thing with Ratchet and Starscream. She's fairly certain that if she wants to stay sane, it's time to get out of here--maybe for good.

With that in mind, she decides to go visit the only two bots left here in the Nexus that haven't deserted her one way or another.

Sari heads downstairs from her room and stops by the kitchen for some snacks. Jazz is always good about making sure they have food for her at the dojo, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Then she stops by the repair bay to let Swoop know she's leaving and heads out.

The trip to the dojo is nice, not too hot but the sun is bright in the sky and things feel very alive. It goes a long way toward making her feel better. The welcoming sight of the dojo helps too, as does the knowledge that Prowl and Jazz will be there for her.

With a sigh, she heads inside.
20th-Jul-2011 06:15 pm - dreamin' of a summer holiday~
Thunderstorms are fun to watch from the safety of indoors and count the lightning, although admitedly Other Swoop doesn't like them much. It isn't the heat either, which is a welcome change from the biting cold of a long winter for a skinny thing like himself. No, in the end, it's the humidity, the way it feels like everything is moving slowly, the stillness of the air, that drives Animated Swoop to his favourite spot.

The waterfall is huge, and the surroundings are pleasantly cool and just a bit damp if you get too close, a welcome change from the stillness. He's packed himself a picnic basket (admitedly, there may be rather a lot of snacks in said basket - he's never got over his fondness for cookies), left notes for everyone who might be looking for him, and gone on an Adventure. Admitedly, at the moment he isn't doing much Adventuring, but he figures he has plenty of time later (at least until the cookies run out).

If anyone comes looking, he's found a nice sunny spot just out of reach of the waterfall's spray, and is happily pretending to read (nothing like long cold winters to learn a bot who refuses to leave the heater) in the sun. Anyone care to bother him?

(OOC: he's left notes in the treehouse for Cheetor, one in the Medbay for his Other & Sari, and one in the Dojo for Animated Jazz & Prowl. Basically, if you can read his horrible writing, they all say 'GONE ON ADVENTURE TO WATERFALL.')
17th-Jul-2011 11:51 pm - ***PLOTTY MOD POST****
mod fist

Good evening players! It's been too long.

The nice weather has started to turn humid. A heat wave has rolled over Nexusville. Bright summer days are mingled with close, still nights and with the heat come the summer storms. Large thunderstorms, break the peaceful, lazy summer air and provide relief with brief torrential rain storms. They are short-lived and soon enough the heat is beating down and the humidity climbs once more. Those inhabitants that have spent long periods of time on Earth will be familiar with such erratic, unpredictable weather but for others it will be strange. Just how will the mechs and femmes of Nexusville handle themselves?

Your monthly prompt (although yes it is slightly late, it is going to be a monthly thing), is: Vacation

It's that time of year and we want to know about your vacations be them good or bad.

We hope to see some activity this month :3 thanks for sticking with us!

Your mod team!
Prowl - Towards My Dream Position
[G1 Prowl]

*After spending some time trying to reacquaint themselves with each other, decides it's time to re-introduce Jazz to Serenade Lounge and stir up some more conversation. Silence between them still feels a little awkward.*

"We found this one night we were scouting for places. It was quite in disarray but you managed to get it back on its proverbial feet."
21st-Jun-2011 03:38 pm - Prompt: Loyalty
trophies fondled
(ooc: For the sake of making the hunter sociable, this thread is open to anyone who wants to bug Lockdown about the Wildlife Project or Nexus Life in General. Only the thread with him and Slip is closed, and we can assume any other threads happen before or after the events below.

Also, permission was granted from Slip-mun for me to use her character plus karanseraph  contributed to Slipstreams dialogue and actions.)

Trix wants to spar.

Lockdown and Slipstream stand opposite of each other on the bridge of the Death's Head, locked in a knowing stare, separated by a safe expanse of open floor. The only sounds are ambient purrs from a spoiled starship at rest.

And I ain't one to disappoint.

Loyalty to faction, loyalty to love...Collapse )
16th-Jun-2011 12:38 pm - Loyalty
shitty day 4
G1 Rumble

It had been a while since he received a pair of pistols by Chromia. Today, Rumble finally found himself on the shooting range to try the new pistols.

He took his position on the shooting range and glowered at the targets in the distance. He took the pistols out of subspace and weighed them in his servos, looking them over critically once more. The Decepticon in him was still suspicious about the gift. Autobots giving Decepticons weapons as gifts just wasn't... Well. He shook his head and gave a little snort. "This is a fragging weird place!"

The prompt word "loyalty" flashed on his HUD again and he gave another snort, an irritated one this time. It was like all the prompts did anymore was mock him. "Can't you see I'm busy?" he snapped at the thin air.

He jerked up his right arm and fired three energy blasts in quick succession. "I'm plenty loyal, fraggers!" he shouted over the noise of the discharging pistol, "I'm loyal!" Rumble's engine revved angrily and he couldn't even say if he was more upset with the prompt or the fact that the pistol hadn't been rigged to explode, after all. His arm sank and he whispered with a static-laden voice, "I'm loyal." His digits clenched around the handles of the pistols, hard enough for warnings to pop up on his HUD. It did nothing but kindle that helpless fury that had been boiling in him ever since he first saw that horrible prompt. "I would be fragging loyal if there were anyone left to be loyal to, you fraggers!"

(OOC: Free for all)
1st-May-2011 05:53 pm - **** mod post****
mousey tea
Good afternoon players,

Nexus is now enjoying a lovely warm spell, make the most of it while you can for who knows what lies on the horizon

Prompt for this month:

15th-Apr-2011 11:14 am - Like starting over
Prowl.EXE - Target Acquired: You
*After a few really unsavory days, he's feeling much better and ready to try to pick back the life he had in Nexus. His memory is still fuzzy and will not let him remember full fledged memories of his time with Jazz, but he's not that concerned about it at the moment.

Driving back to Serenade Lounge, he's guiding Jazz back to their old home, which was likely still going to need some maintenance done to it. His garden was probably still in terrible disrepair so he'll need to tend to it, too, and hopefully Jazz would feel inclined to help with that.*
12th-Apr-2011 08:14 am - the big day!
Prowl happy

Prowl never thought he would ever be a mech who would tie the proverbial knot and settle down. He was far too prickly for that, well that's how he was perceived anyway.

That was until one mech changed everything. Had walked into his life and against all odds in the universe had refused to leave. (Even Prowl dying hadn't stopped him).

So now as he lay on his berth at an ungodly hour of dawn, unable to rest, excitement running through his spark, all he could think about was today he was to be bonded (officially), in front of his friends and loved ones, to Jazz.

He and Jazz were going to be bondmates!

The excitement was rising rapidly and he hoped his mech was awake, because nothing would make the start of his day more perfect than if he could share the ever so slightly giddy feeling he was getting at that moment.

(Ooc: bonding post is open, if you are a close friend of either ninja, they would love you to attend their bonding ceremony, a low key affair with a side of energon goodies ^_^ )
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