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Transformers In Character!
Slipstream's Mission Log - Missive to the Brethren [prompt response] 
9th-Apr-2010 11:26 pm
trix don't ask
TFA Slipstream

*Slipstream is reclining on her berth and toying with one of the old swords usually mounted on the wall above, as she records an audio message*

My Dear Sunstorm, I am sending another report out into the stars, hoping you and Ramjet somehow receive this message, even if I have to replay it for you myself, when I break you out of prison. I wish you were with me, now, not for your flattering manner *huffs* which we both know is not genuinely complimentary, but for the fact that in your sycophancy you are perhaps the most observant and insightful of us. Maybe sometimes introspective and self-critical, to so readily make a favorable comparison of others? I could truly use your insight now, brother, I am in a place with a lot of strange mechs - some kind of multi-versal nexus - and I do not often understand their motivations...and to be honest, I think more than a few scheme more so than our own brood, if that is possible!

There has been a lot of talk about sacrifice. I remember being put on the spot about what I had sacrificed, or would sacrifice for my vision, by a Megatron; there are multiple ones here. And though I had some comeback which refocused discussion on leadership, I was actually still bothered by his question. *sighs* I still am.

I know what this means, intellectually, or in a linguistic sense. This was partly the topic of discussion with our template. I also discussed the semantics with a Scout designated Sideways.

But, all of that, did not really answer the real question. What had I sacrificed? And, what would I sacrifice? And for that matter, for what would I sacrifice?

I think the only entirely honest answer is that I do not know, yet. I am still learning.

I do know the goals and ideals for which I would be willing to sacrifice something. Family comes first. That is you, Sunstorm, and Ramjet, especially, as I know you are in need, and that it will take great effort and acceptance of risk to free you from prison on Cybertron. I was able to get some good information from an Autobot scientist, both about your method of incarceration, and about other members of our family. And I finally confessed my plan to our creator, when I was speaking to him again of sacrifice. He seemed...rather compliant. Things have changed between us; I think you and Ramjet would laugh at me.

But I cannot stage a rescue, while I am in this slaggin' nexus place, whatever its nature may be. There has been some discussion of that, but I will give you those details in another report. Being unable to leave as of now, my second goal has become finding a way from this existence for all those who wish to do so.

I do not know yet, what this will involve, so while I continue observing and investigating, my tertiary goal is to gather any resources and allies that may prove useful in future. Specifically kindred fliers, science-bots and skilled craftsmechs. To this end, I proposed a project to the community that would attract these individuals, and also generate energon upon which we rely.

I am aware some suspect me of ambition and scheming, but in saying so, they also revealed it was dangerous to provide energon to the community, by their current means. I can only guess what that involves. This only makes me more determined to have the community project succeed.

I was sincere in my proposal. Everything I suggested the project could offer the community, it can. And I fully intend to see it through. Of course, though my statements to the community have been entirely truthful, this is not to say I do not have my own ulterior motives and contingency plans. I do. The community will have its turbines and energon if it is in my power, but then I shall have gained allies and knowledge and perhaps be in position to establish a second, secret energon farm for my personal use...and that of my allies.

And on some small level, I have already sacrificed for the project. I have suffered injury, humiliation, and given of my own time and labor, so that their goals, and my own, can be acheived.

Beyond those three goals of family, escape and the project, my loyalty is to the faction. I may not approve entirely of the recent leadership, but I believe in our shared goals of returning to our homeworld, gaining access to the AllSpark, and bringing down the current corrupt and decadent Autobot regime.

I do wish I could just hear your voice, Sunstorm; it would be most reassuring. I imagine you could discuss with me the more esoteric traditions of sacrifice. There are mechs here who swear by a being designated Primus and say "the Pit" a lot, but to me that is as alien as Earthlings saying Jesus has sacrificed himself and died for the sins of others...and apparently resurrected.

Our creator died and was resurrected...and died and was resurrected...and so on, and if need be, I'll see that he's resurrected again!

These other gods have not spoken to us. For all I know, the Mysteries of the Universe granted life to gears, levers and pulleys, which evolved into our present form. I know of no gods demanding mechanisms be sacrificed to the smelting pools to ensure a bounty on the energon farms, such as humans were ritually sacrificed to bogs, fire and other fates.

I believe that the AllSpark exists, and may have intelligence, but I still do not know if it has any conscious will over who lives or dies or, if it simply grants sparks. I do not know if it was necessary for our creator to die so that Detroit might live, or for the Autobot Prowl to make his sacrifice. I tell you it is strange they are here, seemingly alive, as I am.

I also just wish you were here, because I could use the back-up. Like I said, there are a lot of scheming mechs here. Most of them are not as forthcoming as that Perceptor who told me of your imprisonment; like Blackout...if that's his designation. *huffs* Would like to put him in a room with a plate of energon goodies and let you and Thundercracker go at him.

Until we are together again, my brother, may the Mysteries see this missive finds you safe; my love and loyalty are with you. Slipstream

[OOC: The audio Slipstream is recording is not being intentionally broadcast to everyone, and though it's conceivable it could be intercepted by one who has some knowledge of communication protocols between Seeker clones of her universe or very similar technology, it would probably cause even more drama than the Eulogy, if her observations were made public, so it's best it is not intercepted. But, you can now OOCly know of her goals. In any case, Slipstream is physically based in her quarters for now (or out about her usual recruiting and salvaging) if anyone needs to find her or comm her in the next solar or so. She's not physically at the R&D Facility now, unless someone requests her to meet there on business. There may be a new WTP post at the Facility in a day or so, depending what else is going on.]
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