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Transformers In Character!
He's just not that into you [Prompt Response] 
12th-May-2010 10:11 am
trix don't ask
TFA Slipstream

I don't know how that slagging romantic comedy got in with the rest of the downloaded video I brought with me. Earth movie: He's Just Not That Into You. It's all about interpersonal relationships, mostly between human men and women, and sometimes between two human men. All about rules and exceptions! Like, "If a mech is treating you like he doesn't give a scrap, he genuinely doesn't give a scrap!"

*Slipstream puts a small powertool to the edge of a berth and removes one of the screws anchoring the berth to the wall. She repeats this a few times, the sound temporarily drowning out her voice.*

I don't really need to be watching slag like that! I know my rule and it goes: If I show slightest interest in a mech, he's ending up with some mech with a cannon. And so far, haven't found my exception.

No. It is not a slagging joke, except cosmically on me, maybe!

*The berth falls free of the wall and Slipstream begins pushing it toward a door.*

I had told Terrorsaur I was over Wotshisname. And, again, I'd really meant it that time. He said maybe I needed some new friends. Just be social. Youth is a perfect excuse to just have fun, to be causal even. Not that I'm really a casual kinda femme!

But the new ones fall under the rule, too! One I swore to avoid except for the most brief interaction. One I maybe thought for two nanokliks would offer some interesting conversation. I think everybody knows who the old friends are; I can't even say the name!

*Slipstream maneuvers the berth out the door and into a corridor where other furnishings have already been stacked. She goes back through the door and lifts an occassional table.*

And, no, I don't slagging know why it happens. I mean, it's not the thing with my "spark", because apparently, not quite everyone knows about that already, though I had thought it common knowledge by now. And it couldn't be the femme thing, 'cause I have all the same parts! You'd guess the sunny disposition, but ask the one mech who actually went on a date with me: I was really sweet and we ended things flying together!

It's like the slaggin' movie says: they're just not that into me!

*Slipstream carries the table out into the corridor and puts it atop a stack of other tables.*

And I'm supposed to be encouraged by the possibility of there being an exception?!?

New friends are supposed to be great! If one is new to an area, new friends help find a bot a place to stay, find some furniture, maybe even help a bot find work. New friends can buy drinks. New friends can maybe even help a bot with some repairs.

I'm putting myself out there. I'm being slaggin' friendly! Granted there a line I won't cross for Autobots, but it's not like I'm overtly evil to them. And as far as female humans and 'Cons are concerned, I'm like the best new friend one could have.

*Sighs as she puts her hands to her hips and surveys the collection of furniture*

Yet, here I am haulin' furniture, alone!

[ooc: "you" could possibly overhear this ranting if you are in or around the apartment building, which may or may not actually exist; "you" being any character. And, just to clarify, for those following along - because Slipstream in rant mode has, on rare occasions, made actual players uncomfortable - even though Slipstream is bitter and feels scorned, the "rule" is my invention, intended to be humorous; the "new ones", said to prove the rule, are characters that have fallen under the influence of a particular Megatron, during plots I myself was involved in and approved; I know Slipstream does ICly have friends; and I don't especially need her to be paired. "Pretendy fun time games."]
12th-May-2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
TFA Skywarp

*hesitantly, in case Slipstream tries to throw something at him* Do you need any help? You could have commed me.
12th-May-2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*She looks a lot less bitter when she sees Skywarp is there.*

Thanks, Warp, but it's finished. Just waiting for delivery coordinates when they are available, so I can deliver these. *gestures toward the stacked furnishings.*

There's not much interest in the furnished apartments in this building, but everyone and their programmer wants furnishings for some empty old space they found. And, I supply to their demand.

Was hoping to get some return on it, but not much yet. But, I can't expect much from Decepticons dabbling in capitalism. We're supposed to be proving ourselves in military missions or battle!
13th-May-2010 03:03 am (UTC)
TFA Skywarp

Well...at least you're networking and gaining a reputation as either reliable or useful, depending on whether your clients are Autobots or Decepticons.

I can help you deliver them if you need me to?
13th-May-2010 03:07 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

This lot is for the human girl Alexis - she expects at least one guest our size - but her house is not even ready yet. But, maybe when I do get the coordinates from her, I'll give you a comm. She said her place is going to be near Haven, and your building is over near there, too, right?
13th-May-2010 03:10 am (UTC)
TFA Skywarp

A human? Um, yeah, I live just a few buildings down from there. Is that area safe for a human, with the likely hood of overcharged mechs around?
13th-May-2010 03:20 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

I didn't think Haven really had that sort of reputation. Haven is more like a youth hostel that happens to serve drinks. The neutrality keeps things pretty tame.

We could use another place to meet new friends. I mean, my personal feeling is that Nexusville would be a bit more lively if we did have a place that was a little...wilder...and more 'Con friendly. So many of the...establishments are heavily Autobot. Even though I've been welcomed into some of those places, it's not really the same.
13th-May-2010 03:46 am (UTC)
TFA Skywarp

Haven's not that bad. Honestly I've only seen one person drunk since I've been here was a human.

I know that the so-called Shack of Shenaniganshas parties some times, but like you said most of the clubs are Autobot centric. I guess most Decepticons are focused on goals rather than down-time entertainment.

(ooc: Haven doesn't have a bad rep. Skywarp's just being paranoid.)
13th-May-2010 03:59 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

That's a good point. I am aware some of the other Decepticons now have mining operations. Haven't actually seen the mines, myself, but you can spot the surface parts of the sites from the air.

Still, I think having somewhere to spend one's downtime can be good, some like quiet places to relax and others like it more...lively.

You'd think someone would have done it...Swindle, or Soundwave.

For all that Haven does have a dance floor, I do not often see dancing there. *so not trying to think of that nickname for their creator*
14th-May-2010 12:23 am (UTC)
TFA Skywarp

If parties and crowds weren't so scary and you weren't already so enterprising, I'd suggest starting our own.

[ooc: With blackjack. And hookers. Forget the blackjack.]
14th-May-2010 12:42 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

I hardly have the time! But it would be fun if someone else did it!

And you wouldn't need to be scared if you went somewhere like that with me. I mean, the worst that would happen is that I would make you dance with me. It's not like I would leave you alone with overcharged seeker-philes!

Isn't there a rule about that like bros before...whatever?

[ooc: I think another player was interested in such a thing, but Slipstream does not ICly know. Um, no one steal that idea, if it was not you!]
14th-May-2010 04:30 pm (UTC)
TFA Skywarp

I wasn't saying you had to do it. You do a lot already. Um, well, if someone else does start a Decepticon dance club, I promise I'll try to dance with you. Even if others laugh at me.

I think the humans have a rule like that, but I'm not sure how it goes or if it's even followed.
14th-May-2010 08:41 pm (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*trills laughter* I am going to hold you to that this time. We will dance if we come across an appropriate venue!

*doesn't think anyone will laugh given there really are a lot of Seeker-philes*
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