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Transformers In Character!
Seeking Strengths [Prompt Response] 
19th-May-2010 08:31 am
trix 3/4
TFA Slipstream

*Slipstream is at home in her quarters, reclining on her side along a bench and quietly plotting, as she watches one of her collection of Science-fiction videos - one of the many Star Trek movies; one featuring an Uhura rocking a pony-tail.*

I have said it before, I like science-fiction and strong female characters, but I do not just mean "strong" in terms of character - independence, spunk, moxy, all that - strength can indicate an aptitude; like the aural and oral ability of a xenolinguist. A forte. A strength.

Some strengths are shared by all Seekers, or they would not really be Seekers: speed, visual acuity, intelligence (really, even all the Skywarps).

And all Starscreams *sigh* share some strengths, different as they are from verse to verse: strategy; and some technical or scientific skills - be it dabbling in chemistry, making basic mechanical repairs, building bombs, or cloning....

And I, Seeker and clone, have all these strengths. I'm fast, sharp, smart, strategic, and possessed of some affinity for manipulating code or bare metal.

These strengths are what are supposed to make us elite air warriors and advance scouts, to enable us to go in, strike, and retreat with speed, precision, and success.

But if there is no need to "seek out new worlds" and no "missions", then what else can we do?

I suppose that answer is what we are seeking.

[ooc: Slipstream is physically in her quarters. "You" may already be there watching the video with her, or choose to politely ask for admittance, contact her virtually, or otherwise completely ignore. "You" here meaning any character, basically. Yes, Shack residents, I did know you watched the same movie recently. <3 ]
19th-May-2010 04:56 pm (UTC) - Via Comm.
TFA Lockdown

//You're the WTP mastermind, right?\\
19th-May-2010 05:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*Sits upright as she receives the comm ID.*

//Coattails? Yeah, sure mastermind, let's go with that.//
19th-May-2010 05:04 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
Chuckles at the reference to his armor, pleased someone finally noticed his posher features.

//Got some questions for ya, but I prefer not to ask over comm. You busy?\\
19th-May-2010 05:07 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*Lockdown does not need to know how un-busy she is at the moment.*

//I might be able to spare a few kliks...always happy to be of service to a member of the community, you know.//
19th-May-2010 05:11 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
He's surprised by her compliance and civility. He was expecting a battle just to agree on a meeting point. This is a Starscream clone after all.

//Um...Right. Where do ya wanna meet?\\
19th-May-2010 05:31 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*That was a good question. Say she'll get on his ship? Not without back-up. WTP Facility? Not sure, without knowing the nature of these questions, which she is curious about.*

//I am...just working out of my home office right now.//

*Home field advantage.*

//Less interruption to my busy schedule that way. You know the place? Purple tower.//
19th-May-2010 05:44 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
//Got the tower in my sights now, no more n'a cycle's drive. Do I just walk in or ya got some security that's gonna jump me?\\

He flinches a little at the harshness of his voice. Probably not wise to present himself as a mean ol'bastard when seeking information from a Decepticon. Still, flip side to that coin is not to appear soft. It's all about balance.
19th-May-2010 05:50 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*Being no more than an Earth year in age was not the same thing as being sparked - or cloned - yesterday. Don't answer questions about security.*

//I'll meet you in the lobby and escort you up myself.//

*Slipstream shuts down the video player and then makes her way down to the lobby to wait.*
19th-May-2010 06:02 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
//See ya shortly, then.\\

He pulls up to the tower the pops into robot mode, ambling his way inside and observing the architecture curiously. He quickly spies the femme, the sassy stance unmistakably seekeresque. He bites back his bias and approaches casually, holding his single hand out in greeting.

Name's Lockdown.
19th-May-2010 06:14 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*Looks at the hand, but keeps her own hands near her hips.*

Yeah, Bounty hunter, picked-up a couple of clones in Detroit - Ramjet and Sunstorm. My brothers. I'm Slipstream, if you didn't know.

*She frowns. Optimus Prime hadn't known her name and she'd shot him out of the sky. Everyone knows Starscream's name! Slipstream shakes herself then, remembering the business at hand, and puts on a purposeful smile*

But far be it from me to decline to help a member of our community due to some silly old personal grievance. I shall assume, your preference not to speak over comms means you have some business to discuss in private.

*It has to be business; not like the last mech who said he had questions and actually wanted advice about bonding.*
19th-May-2010 06:39 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
Eyeballs her skeptically as she declines his greeting, a small scowl forming as it dings his pride. He then gives her a once over. Damned stuck up jets.

It doesn't help his mood any that she brought up his failed job in Detroit; the day that further reinforced why he doesn't like seekers. Still he eases off, even refrains from dreaming up a nickname for the femme. This is a business meeting.

Good to meetcha, Slipstream.

His hand retreats as he crosses his mismatched arms across his chest, puffing up to a taller stance.

I appreciate you seein' me so spontaneously. I imagine you're constantly on the go what with...He gestures around the lobby. Everythin' ya got goin' on around here.

He steps past her, continuing his careful observation of the architecture. And yeah the business I wanna discuss is best kept private. However, I am curious about the building and your turbine operation, namely how much of it is native craftmans--er--botship?
19th-May-2010 06:52 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*tips her head toward the turbolifts in the very vacant lobby.*

A pleasure. Let's go upstairs.

*she continues as she walks to the lifts.*

Not sure what you mean by native, Coattails. My impression is that Nexusville is all - what do you call - pot luck or melting pot or something? *shrugs* Polyglot?

I mean the buildings all look different to me. The Facility is definitely not Cybertronian, though, I can tell you that. It's got some alien OS running it's built in systems; a kind of graphical user interface. That and things like buttons and controls are placed slightly low to our standards.

*presses the lift call button*
19th-May-2010 07:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
Looks over his shoulder, raising a brow at the nickname he's earned. He's been called many things: Bounty Hunter, LD, Dirty ol'Mech, and number of other colorful terms, but never "Coattails." He could get possibly get to like this seeker.

Yeah, I've noticed in the diversity of wildlife how piecemeal this place is. Seen critters of the both the squishy and techno-squishy sort. Have yet to make sense of it though.

He follows her lead to the lifts, intrigued by her technical knowledge. Not that he really doubted it. Bot's gotta have some kinda respectable processor to build an entire energy harvesting operation.

Perhaps native isn't the right term, rather non-Cybertronian. Clues to what types of intelligent life have been here before us. You say they had tech systems set up, then I'd call that a sure sign of intelligence...good to know.

He doesn't want to talk any more on the issue until they are in a private place. No telling what kind of surveillance this place has. Frag, how can he even be sure wherever she's taking him isn't free of eavesdroppers. He'll just have to word himself carefully, not divulge too much.

Tell me somethin', Sassy. He smirks, feeling more comfortable knowing he can play the nickname game. How is it ya acquired so much tech knowledge over such a short lifespan? You clones can't be more then two-stellars old.
20th-May-2010 12:13 am (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
TFA Slipstream

*The turbolift takes them to one of the upper floors and it opens into a corridor. Slipstream Leads the way to the door labeled "3". The interior is furnished with an office and workstation to the left and some additional seating, including easily movable chairs, to the right. There are a few interior doors, closed now. Slipstream goes to the low-backed task chair at the workstation, and sits. She answers as she goes about leading Lockdown to the office.*

I hadn't realized there were technorganic critters here...apart from the the sentient ones with us, of course.

Far as I've heard from others, there were, definitely, both Cybertronians and humans here before the...recent wave of immigration. Loads of human stuff was found at the Chicken Farm. The signs at the facility suggest other alien races were here...but can't really say if they were here so much longer as to be counted as native.

And, we do have some pre-installed data: my brothers and I. Not memory, but factual things St- our creator would have known. Who Megatron is, what Autobots are, things like that. But I learned a lot while I was hiding out on Earth - you know, from the Elite Guard and bounty hunters.

*Falling into something near technobabble mode - like Starscream's penchant for self-important monologing, but geekier* Sumdac's influence on Detroit society and economy was such that most tech there is half-Cybertronian to begin with. That means it's compatible, yet primitive: I can hack Earth tech. And when you get down to bare metal, it's all just on and off signals and math, and math is universal. Had a chance to access tech from other verses since coming here. Did ya know that apart from the Beasties, our 'verse is one of the furthest along in time - in terms of what Earth year or stellar cycle it was previous to coming here? Some of them are centuries behind, I mean, cassettes?!
20th-May-2010 02:13 am (UTC) - Re: Via Comm.
Got petrorabbits, some kinda energon-feedin' vermin and, shudders at the thought...poisonous snakes, with acidic poison, the kinda that'll make short work of a Cybertronian if he's...twists his neck to pop that pesky tight cable, unlucky enough to get bitten.

He follows her into the office, noting right way its indistinct furnishings and multiple doors. Too many doors. Too many hiding places. If it was any other Decepticon and if this wasn't the 'neutral Nexus', he'd be readying his chainsaw. But not here, not with her. As he listens to her, it becomes clear what brand of seeker she is; logical not chaotic. The All Spark must've smiled on her when she as created, granting her Starscream's one redeemable trait: his scientific prowess. He hasn't quite pinpointed what part of his personality she got yet.

Bounty hunters you say? As in plural? He chuckles smugly and shakes his head. Am sorry ya had to be subjected to the amateurs of our verse. Some a'those fraggers give the profession a bad name.

He takes a seat across from her, leaning back comfortably as he listens. Her observations about Earth intriguing him, further reassuring him that this was the right bot to come to for information about Nexus.

Cassettes? He snorts lightly. Who th'spark uses those anymore?

I only visited Earth a few times, and I usually got in and out quick 'fore the locals could catch wind a'me. I like it though, liked seein' how quickly they advanced technologically. Them squishies certainly know how to upgrade, both their surroundings and themselves. Sure their history spattered with blood same as ours, but they seem to learn from their mistakes quicker than Cybertronians do, specially considerin' how short their life-spans are in comparison to ours. Think there's a spark ton our kind can learn from them.

He leans forward, waving off his thoughts before he starts rambling too much. From his subspace, he pulls out a writing tablet then sets it on the desk. There's several non-Cybertronian symbols scribbled onto it, clearly copied by his hand.

Anyhow, reason I came to ya. He taps the tablet a few times. T'figure out what these mean. Wonderin' if ya've come across any alien texts that matches up to these.
20th-May-2010 02:47 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*Slipstream listens to Lockdown's observations. All information is useful information in her calculation, though it may not all be useful immediately*

Personally, I am wary of human ability with reverse engineering, but living in Detroit for hectocycles absorbing their culture, I cannot say they are without use or value.

*Slipstream then looks at the tablet Lockdown provides. Truthfully she cannot identify the symbols, but she studies them as long as she is able.*

No joy here, but that in itself may be helpful to you. Sometimes knowing what something is not clues you in to what it is. I can tell you it is not the Vok system of pictographs; that's what we found we were dealing with in our Project. And, I do not think it is Cybertronix, but then I have only seen a few of those characters. One of the Beasties might tell you for certain.

*looks to her workstation where she has her own terminal linked to the WTP Facility servers and her stacks of datapads.*

Shall I assume you already ran comparison to known Cybertronian character sets from our verse? If I were in your position, I would extend my search to Earth languages, then other alien races, and make discrete inquiries with bots from other verses. You friendly with many bots here from other verses?
20th-May-2010 03:15 am (UTC)
He growls lightly in disappointment, not upset at the femme, just tired of hitting brick walls with his investigation. She's got a point though, it helps to narrow down what it's not.

Already ran it by my database, which is chalked fulla languages from all corners a'the universe. No match.

He rubs his hand over the back of his neck, fidgeting with a spiked as he mulls over her social suggestions. He really doesn't want to poke around town with this too much. He already feels like he's betraying the vow of secrecy he made with his 'partners in crime'. But in all truth, he hasn't given her enough information to point to anything she doesn't already know about Nexus. Namely how much mystery there is to it.

Ain't much of a'social butterfly. Only talked to a few outside my 'verse and those encounters usually involved high-grade or medbays...or both.

Takes his tablet back, stuffing it deep into his subspace.

I did however...his mood brightens a bit, a proud expression sweeping over the tattoos. Attend that costume party over at Haven. They got some tea party comin' up as well, He chuckles with slight confusion. Not really sure what that's all about but I think I'll attend.

Leans back comfortably again, crossing a leg over his knee. 'Bout you? You made many social rounds? Experienced the nightlife?

20th-May-2010 03:43 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*No matches to his entire database. Intriguing...and apparently to no longer involve Slipstream. She sees Lockdown stow the tablet. Business was concluded then.*

Curious how we all require sustenance and yet the same substance can leave us inebriated in high quantities or potencies. *She trills soft laughter* I usually stick to coolant or weak mixed drinks. Less chance of someone getting to me with my guard down.

I used to go to Haven often, liked the team there well enough, but just have a bit of an estranged relationship with St- that prototype, so I don't get over there these days. *Her obsession with Him is pretty common knowledge, she thinks.*

Truthfully, was interested in the tea party, just for the absurd cuteness of it all. I'm not that artistic, though. My art is stuff like vector graphics and image captures.

*she gives a nod to a wall behind Lockdown, between closed doors, on which hangs an image of a Detroit skyline printed on flimsy plastic and backlit by a lightbox. One of her pieces*

My brother Warp and I were discussing the lack of dancing here in Nexusville. Maybe not all Decepticons think it proper, you know, like it's something weak processors do to entertain the troops. But, it could be fun. That's one thing I had to learn when I came here: sometimes ya just need downtime.
20th-May-2010 04:55 am (UTC)
Liable to blow a fuse without downtime, Sassy. Everybot needs their share, don't care how resilient ya think ya are.

His face broadens in a crooked smile, more than pleased that she dropped the 'D' word. And he doesn't mean Decepticon. He stands up, vanity forcing him into a slow, exhibitionist spin.

Customization here is my art. Didn't do the actual physical work but the designs all came from...He taps the side of his head. Up here.

He observes the mentioned artwork, nodding a with a softer smile, genuinely impressed. Is good work. Brings back some interestin' memories. I dig the backlight too, gives the perfect touch to a cityscape.

He's itching to talk about dancing, but holds off a moment longer, not wanting to launch into what could be a monologue more narcissist than ones she's heard spew from her creator's mouth. Poor gal, what the spark does she see in that jet?...well besides his ability to dance, which the hunter has yet to see but has his doubts.

When you say "lack of dancing" are you referrin' to Starscream's "display" over at Haven? Another smug chuckle. Often wonder if I should teach ol'Hot Wings a move or two.
20th-May-2010 05:11 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*smirky smile* Yeah, I get it. Body mod. I acquired a tattoo pen. Just used it for permanent liner about the optics, though.

Thanks. They're all skyscape and skylines. You know, for fliers to feel more comfortable indoors. Pretty and functional.

*sneers a bit at the mention of her creator* Don't even get me started! I am over him. I mean it this time! Slagging cursed, though! I swear every mech I show the slightest interest in ends up with some mech with a cannon!

*Calms, just slightly* Terrorsaur said I should meet new friends and just have fun. Like, there will be exceptions to the rule, ya know?
20th-May-2010 05:40 am (UTC)
Observes her eyeliner with interest, pleased to know he's not the only one with a flair for the ink. He taken back by her sudden outburst of emotion, though. The inability to bite back heartache. She's attempting to deny it but he's not convinced. Her pain is vivid...striking very close to home.

He approaches the desk, taking a half-seat on the corner next to her.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think your bein' a bit ridiculous with this whole 'rule' thing. Ain't no rules in the game a'love, darlin'. You know the sayin', All's Fair and whatnot.

Vents a long a sigh, his ability to relate weighing heavier with each passing moment. This Terrorsaur is right. Ya should meet new friends. Its tough advice to follow but it's good, his volume drops a notch...some that I should be takin'.

20th-May-2010 06:02 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*Realizes quite suddenly that she is ranting about Starscream and all that slag again - to Lockdown. She's supposed to want vengeance on him for helping hunt her brothers!*

*Huffs and tries to look cool* I'm just saying Coattails, the circumstantial evidence is piling up. It seemed like a pattern to me. But, I know you are right, because for all that he is nearly a Starscream *sigh* himself, Terrorsaur has been a most worthy confidant and ally.

But, I guess I'm not the only one with troubles, huh?
20th-May-2010 06:58 am (UTC)
He crosses his arms tightly, letting his chest sink into a slump with a long sigh.

Just...He holds his index finger up, his gaze locked on the floor. One trouble. Not nearly the trouble-maker your trouble is, in fact, he's quite the opposite, being the hero of Detroi-- He cuts himself off, realizing Prowl was pretty much responsible for Starscream's death that day in Detroit...not something he should remind Slipstream of.

What I mean to say is he ain't trouble to anything side's my sanity.

He was almost mine too. Had him right there. On my ship. In my arms, the whole package. His trust, his forgiveness...his laughter. Might've been able to keep him had I said those three fraggin' words too...figured my actions were speakin' louder but, shrugs and shakes his head shamefully...don't matter anymore, I ain't the he one he chose. Words are just words anyway, wouldn't a'changed anything.

After a moment his optics brighten, his reality filling back in around him, the femme's optics beholding him with Primus knows what opinion now. He attempts to regain some composure, slapping a determined hand to the desk.

Know what we need, Sassy? He finds his smile again as his cortex fills with therapeutic images.

We need t'go dancin'.
20th-May-2010 07:16 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*She gets that Lockdown means Prowl. He was a hero. And she can tell, from listening, that she and Lockdown are not very disimilar.*

Prowl was a hero. At least, the Prowl that was back then. I was in Detroit too, so I didn't much want the city to blow up...but then, on the other hand, sometimes I get real vengeful, ya know? So I can see what Megatron and my creator were thinking and how it seemed right at the time.

*She shrugs* I know how that is - being so close - and losing out! I was the one who found my creator's body. Gave him proper rites, genuinely mourned him. I had started working out a plan for his resurrection! And then I get sucked here, and he's alive and he gets mad at me for retelling the story, like I just gave all his enemies instructions on how to kill him!

But it was my fault, I know. Because, we're too alike, and both of us wanted to be pursued, yet not give chase to the other. I thought if I did something obviously stupid, like declare allegiance to Megatron, he'd fight for me to come back, but he just kinda felt betrayed and didn't argue at all....*which was very unlike him*

*At the sound of Lockdown's hand upon the desktop, she shakes the memory - she looks up, smirking* We should go dancing!
20th-May-2010 06:45 pm (UTC)
Prowl's still a hero...just kinda tweaked from being resurrected and all. I'm sure he and Starscream could make a night outta chattin' the oddities of immortality. Snorts with amusement. Not sure I'd wanna be around if that conversation took a turn to the hostile, though.

He meets her optics with a curious gaze. I find it hard to believe Starscream wouldn't argue with anything. But, He shrugs, perhaps that's a sign that he actually gives a scrap? I mean, to feel betrayed ya gotta care in the first place, right? But some find it hard to admit to bein' hurt, and I can't see him bein' one to come right out and openly talk about his feelins'.

And ya shouldn't blame yerself. Ain't no way to predict how others are gonna behave, 'specially in the battlefield of love. I figure if ya come to terms with how ya truly feel, then put it out there plain as day for the other t'see, that's all you can really do. 'Course, I'm far from bein' an expert in these matters. Just speakin' from recent experience.

So...His crooked smile returns, even broader than before. Ya think they'll allow dancin' at the tea party?
21st-May-2010 12:34 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

Oh, yeah, he was able to leer and make suggestive comments and lean on me when overcharged! And, I baited and bickered. It doesn't matter now that my spark *such as it is* is on my sleeve! He found someone willing to flatter and openly profess desire right from the start and he's chosen that.

*Still doesn't understand how another Decepticon did not see her way as a challenge that invited proper courtship, but she knows she is young, and she has come to understand the real problem is that they both wanted to be courted, rather than be the one trying to prove their worth...which was what she had ended up doing anyway...and was so miserable about.*

But, forget about him, right? *Slipstream assumes the smirky smile and wide, bright optics of ambition and plotting* It's not like I need him - any of them. *Forget Starscream - forget all the Starscreams - and Optimus Prime, and Megatron, too, with his penchant for pleasure cruises and riverfront resort lifestyle, like some slaggin old-bot! She would gain power on her own, and then they would all - probably just want to kill her. Curse her inherited, over-emotional penchant for revenge plots!*

*Focus! Downtime. Fun! That's your revenge: just have fun without them.*

Coattails, ya gotta think like a Decepticon. They'll allow dancing where we decide we're gonna dance. all we need is music, and some room, right?

[ooc: I so love all the players whose characters make Slipstream feel scorned. I think they know, but it bears repeating. <3 ]
21st-May-2010 01:14 am (UTC)
Frag that jet. That's the motto I'd take. Let Devcon deal with his high-maintenance aft.

Unfortunately, 'Frag that Ninja' isn't a viable option since he went and made a business partner outta the little punk. Still, he enjoys being around the Autobot, even if he can't 'frag him' the way that he'd like. Kid keeps him on his toes, keeps him from gettin' old. Some things are just worth the heartache.

But yeah, enough of that. It's time for fun. Time for making new friends...with a seeker, and time for dancing. It's been far too long. Well, besides the times he practices in front of the mirror on ship...but no one needs to know about that.

Gotten by all the eons thinkin' like ME...but I see yer point.

He stands up and gestures toward the door in his most gentlemechly fashion...by no means passing for a gentlemech, but dammit, at least he tries.

There's a Tea Party in need of our brand of entertainment.

Shall we?
21st-May-2010 01:38 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

Yes...I mean...

*She needs to find her tea-cube. And if she is expected out in public, she really should freshen-up. She stands from her seat to walk Lockdown to the door.*

I will meet you there shortly.
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