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Transformers In Character!
Slipstream's Mission Log: Leader 
8th-Mar-2010 11:42 pm
TFA Slipstream

*sending another 'mission log' out to the stars, to pass the time*

Discovered the strange phenomenon I shall refer to simply as the 'nexus' and have investigated appropriately.

Otherwise, mission continues as previous, with few exceptions. Managed to hack together a working tachyon transmitter, from previous salvaged parts of Nemesis wreck on Luna and Earth technology; quite a bit of fabrication was involved. How fortunate I seem to have aptitude for science and technology. There is so much that was unsaid, and likely never will be. In any case, the successful build means I have a chance of reaching Cybertron without waiting stellar cycles for a simple ping; they of course have tachyon transmitters on their data nets. And that means: information.

Ramjet, Sunstorm, if you can hear me, I am going to imagine you are both having fun warping Autotroopers - or Autobot nurses, if you like - about your little claws. I render your captivity, within my visual processor, as it is is a humorous Earth program from a so-called simpler time, in which prisoners of war and their captors were suitable fare for situational comedy. So, I pretend you have comm systems secretly enabled, or a receiver disguised as an action figure.

To you, or anyone else listening - Autobots or Decepticon outer rim cells or aliens I do not know - I say I will have my brothers back. But until then I will give you messages. There is someone you should know about; he may even be with you on Cybertron now. You have seen him, perhaps, but you probably dismissed him at the time. You may not even remember his name, but you will. His name is Optimus Prime.

He is a leader among Autobots and must not be underestimated. He is not the one they call Magnus, for he still carries the rank of Prime, but he is at this time, perhaps one with a greater power. Optimus Prime is a hero.

It was he, I have learned from files on our once proud flagship, Nemesis, an academy-trained bot with the most humble and mundane task of space bridge maintenance duty, whose team re-discovered the AllSpark. For that alone all Cybertronians should have learned his name. But that was accident of fate, and not the true reason his power is to be feared.

Optimus Prime defeated Megatron on Earth and took him captive to Cybertron. What happened there you may know better than I. But, I tell you now, for once, it was not his own traitorous subordinate's name that grated from Megatron's processor as he fell. Megatron knew the name of Optimus Prime that day, and he will never forget it. Our Great Leader has been bested, by a lowly Autobot maintenance vessel captain. For this, Decepticons should remember his name, but even this great victory is not the source of Optimus Prime's power.

His power is in his ability to inspire greatness in those about him. Like a symbol, even his death now could not destroy this power. His story is one with which even Decepticons can relate: a mechanism of lowly origin, rallying past-over troops to fight a superior foe, acting sometimes in opposition to the corrupt system of government ruling his people, commanding motley troops in battle and turning them into a perfectly unified and effective task force, and winning.

Understand, he did not, like some others, have the benefit to highly trained Cyber-ninja practitioners and the latest specimens of Autobot Science at his command. No. Wash-outs, deserters, outdated models, simple-sparks. And he made them into a force that could stand against and defeat well-trained mechs of the Decepticon military! He lead them, and they followed, and they prevailed.

Optimus Prime is possibly the greatest Autobot leader there is. And, arguably, a great leader regardless of faction. He has inspired mechanisms from diverse backgrounds to unite and follow him. He has won the confidence and support of other races. He has been strong, firm with his subordinates, honorable in battle, self-sacrificing when need be, and is appropriately photogenic to be favored for future public office.

And, once, I shot him out of the sky.
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