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Transformers In Character!
This is my one lucky prize [Prompt Response] 
6th-Jul-2010 09:25 pm
[ooc: This post ICly takes place concurrent with events in this recent Wildlife Project post.]

TFA Slipstream

Slipstream is sitting in the lobby of Park Slope Apartments, on what formerly functioned as a security or concierge desk, from what she can tell. She watches the front doors expectantly, cutely swinging her legs from where she's perched atop the cantilevered countertop. A klik goes by and she checks her chronometer.

Fashionably late, my aft!

She hops down and paces across the lobby, glancing into the abandoned conference room, in which she has seriously considered hosting a movie night, though she doesn't suppose it really rates as much as the drive-in...and doesn't have the edgy seating of the Death's Head.

//Hey, Coattails, you on your way over here yet?// Maybe he is having some trouble with the Old Gal. Slipstream smirks at the thought...and then her faceplate shifts to a pout, as there is no reply.

She waits a while longer, leaning against the wall near the turbolift, just threatening to go back to her apartment any nanocycle, and forget him.

//Enough of your calaverada, Sugarskull! I know you didn't forget we had a date!//

They'd only be promising each other to meet all week! A series of long comms at odd hours of the solar cycle, since they had last seen each other in this lobby. She had flown off to meet Megatron and he had gone back to his critter study and pondering the mysteries of Nexusville. Business at the Community Turbine Farm had kept her busy during most of the week, and Lockdown had said he was preparing for one of his Wildlife Project outings, with Prowl.

I'll kill him! He knows better than to stand me up!

She sits on a bench near the front doors, waiting, just a little while longer. She checks her chronometer, again. What if something bad happened to him? Or...what if something happened with Prowl? Not that she had ever been against Lockdown being with Prowl, personally, but Lockdown had confided in her how he felt about the Hero, and that Prowl had made it clear he was unavailable, and that he wanted to find a way to move on from that sparkache...just like she really wanted to get over that certain magenta Seeker. If her partner in their support group of two had fallen off the wagon, she couldn't very well do her job and distract him, if she couldn't even get him on the comm!

//Stripes...I promise I won't be mad. I am still here, for you...Allright, I might be a little mad, but no more than you deserve. I won't- just comm me. Don't make me be some crazy stalker femme, like in a bad romantic comedy, and keep comming you!//

She doesn't want to be alone. It is isolating enough to feel scorned, and then have the one who best understands that feeling become unavailable. She doesn't have to physically be alone, too. Maybe on of her tenants...but she isn't sure Skywarp or Starscream are in their apartments right now. In fact, she's reasonably sure The Emo Kid went to that nice little place on the riverfront.

I need more tenants!

She's always been willing to have others move into the building, but there didn't seem need for it when there were so few here and yet so many buildings to be claimed. But, maybe now. She might even get some rent out of it. Not that they have some bureaucratic government with a credit system in place, but she'd prefer barter or payments of energon; such is the currency of the realm. She sends out text via the subspace public message boards:

Furnished apartments for rent in luxurious high-rise apartment building. Studio and multi-room apartments available for rent on permanent, weekly or daily basis. Amenities include: private washrooms; energon dispensers; comfortable berths in range of sizes; access to shared observation deck, gym, conference room, and media center. Limited office and storefront spaces are also available for commercial use. All applicants welcome. Contact Slipstream.

Slipstream smirks at her advertisement. She didn't mention anything about standard rates or equality; she's not some Autobot charitable organization after all. She has standards.

[ooc: open post. Feel free to let Slipstream use discriminatory housing practices on your character and either lavish them in fictional luxuries for free, or rob them of all their fictional wealth, according to her rules and standards, or just stop by to visit. And, kinda stole Emo's habit of using lyrics from the post's music for its title.]
7th-Jul-2010 01:53 am (UTC)
TFA Ramjet

//Trying to get more tenants?//
7th-Jul-2010 03:26 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream


//Yes. It gets a little lonely, actually. It is a big building.//
7th-Jul-2010 03:48 am (UTC)
TFA Ramjet

//I'm glad you're lonely. We shouldn't go flying together ever. I suppose I could stay away more too.//

*smirks, not that Slipstream can see it*
//I thought Lockdown was boring you.//
7th-Jul-2010 08:48 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

//If you need a place, even temporarily, you can rent free, my brother.//

*Is pouting, not that Ramjet can see.*

//Lockdown is...late.//
7th-Jul-2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
TFA Ramjet

//I suppose that would be a bad idea.//

//That's good. I'm sure he has a... *grumbles* He probably won't show up.//
7th-Jul-2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

//You can even have Sunstorm's old place, if you want.//

//And you don't have to go out of your way to console me. It's not like I care about him enough to feel hurt. *huffs* It's just the principle of the thing! It's an offense to my honor and reputation standing me up!//
8th-Jul-2010 04:18 pm (UTC)
TFA Ramjet

//That doesn't sound good.//

//Its not offensive. I don't think we should shoot him. *the last part is said jokingly*//
8th-Jul-2010 04:35 pm (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

//If he isn't actually deactivated or mauled by native wildlife, I'll kill him and then maul him myself!//
8th-Jul-2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
TFA Ramjet

//*laughs* Can I help?//
8th-Jul-2010 09:54 pm (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

//If he's done me real dishonor, you can take care of him; because if that were true, he wouldn't even deserve to die by my hands.//

//But he probably will show up with some excuse...and then I'll just have words with him.//
9th-Jul-2010 02:38 am (UTC)
TFA Ramjet

//I won't look forward to it. *chuckles*//
7th-Jul-2010 02:39 am (UTC) - BV Ramjet
He's been wandering in the general direction Slipstream pointed him ever since...well, ever since she pointed him in that direction. Sure, he'd probably gotten turned around a few times (dammit, he was a flier, not a walker!), and in the end, he'd had to admit to himself that he was hopelessly lost. Which he didn't like to admit to anyone, especially himself. But he was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to be back at the river. At least he wasn't back at the boulder patch he'd been spending so much time in lately.

He tilts his head when he hears Slipstream's voice again, though this time it's over his comm. Apartments, hmm? Well, as long as he could get some decent directions there... He sends a comm back.

You just seem to find everything around here, don't you? How'd you end up in charge of such conveniently available living space?
7th-Jul-2010 03:22 am (UTC)
TFA Slipstream

*Oh, she thinks, it's other Ramjet.*

//Right of conquest...or salvage, whichever.//

*It's not like they have any attorneys or solicitors to argue the difference*

//You interested?//

7th-Jul-2010 03:20 pm (UTC) - BV Ramjet
He flexes his claws.
I like your attitude, femme. Yeah, I'll bite.
7th-Jul-2010 10:01 pm (UTC) - Re: BV Ramjet
TFA Slipstream

//Well, come by and check-out the place. If you like it, maybe I'll cut you a deal on rent. You know I need something...gotta maintain the place and have a reputation to uphold.//
8th-Jul-2010 02:37 pm (UTC) - Re: BV Ramjet
He hesitates--he's tired of walking around and getting lost in this weird place. But the call of his own place to sleep wins out.

Sounds reasonable enough. I'll be there when I get there, I guess.
8th-Jul-2010 04:29 pm (UTC) - Re: BV Ramjet
TFA Slipstream

//If you do not see me in the lobby, just comm for me to meet you.//
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