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Transformers In Character!
Doubts [Prompt Response] 
13th-Aug-2010 08:38 pm
trix eh?
[ooc: This post continues a plot started with the transwarp accident and continuing in Autobot Medbay. Currently, Slipstream is what we might call dimensionally displaced, with half of her in stasis in Medbay and the other half of her moving about unseen and unheard.]

TFA Slipstream

Slipstream would be pacing along the plaza downtown, outside Autobot Medbay, if she had her body to pace with. Well, she has her body, after a fashion, at least half of it. She perceives this half as the puzzle-piece complement to the other half of her lying in stasis in Medbay. If she has the right optic, the left is in there. The Slipstream inside has the internal workings of her right thruster, but no armor over it. Slipstream here has the armor of her right boot, but it was hollow. Sometimes the missing parts do not correspond to any previous seams and joints, but appear as random voids.

I really thought when one went to see a medi-bot, specifically one from the Autobot faction, that there was supposed to be some kind of optimistic coddling "everything will be all right", "it's not that bad". Am I wrong? Did some kind of liability issues change matters? Seriously?

Or, is my condition that bad?

Way to make the patient feel better!

I know it's serious. There's not enough of me to piece back together, and even with my shard sustaining me, it doesn't seem to be able to regenerate me...or it somehow knows the other half of me is here.

We- I am still attached. I can feel it. There is...resistance, if I attempt to move a great distance from my other half. Even now I feel it, a kind of tugging over that way, and a sense of being everywhere at once.

At this point, it seems the others have figured out Ramjet and I were messing around with Transwarp Tech, and it'll take more than a Medi-bot to help me, but no one's found a solution yet. They don't even understand that I'm here.

I'm starting to doubt. That's not like me, right? I mean, the Starscream perseverance? Great time for the difference to assert itself!

I don't even know what I feel about him more. Love. Hate. Just nothing. His inability to see my worth as an individual hurt, and so I wanted to hurt him back, and I did. And then, I rather ran to someone else's arms.

And that was supposed to be both casual and temporary, but I have my doubts that it is, or can be. Slipstream would appear to lift a hand to her neck, but she realizes herself that the choker she has taken to wearing is with her other half, along with a chunk of her neck. He's inside watching over me now, even though he's in bad shape himself. Mech's gone and devoted himself to me. Fragging said he'd take a blast from a fusion cannon...for me! Talks about me being the one to deactivate him.

I should be overjoyed that the mech's so taken with me, but really it hurts, right now. I'm not sure I am ready to be attached to anyone. And if I were...there's no future for us that involves formal courtship, or being consorts, or bonding of any kind. There just isn't. Could promise him a billion stellar cycles of doing intimate slag to each other, could even...theoretically, form deep emotional attachment. But, it would never be official.

But we can't even have ourselves a casual, physical relationship with this dimensional schism thing I am dealing with. The half of me he can touch is non responsive, and the half that is aware cannot be seen or touched or heard.

I don't even know if I can be sensed at all. I'm here, but whether my being here means there are extra particles or waves, or I displace particles or waves...I don't even know. It's like I'm in my very own "slipspace", which is probably not actually "space" at all.

I tried to get somewhere there might be more advanced scanning devices, but I felt that resistance and went back to my other half. Maybe I should try again, even if it feels strange.

I am not sure there is any solution to this. It's like that episode of Farscape, where Moya felt guilty about not being able to Starburst as often while pregnant, and tried to enter Starburst without adequate thrust and got herself somehow wedged into the non-space between dimensions of space-time. That's kinda like our Transwarp, I gather, though of course a primitive version posited by writers basing their work on human understanding of physics.

The characters, within their ship, Moya, were all still on Moya but they could not interact with each other. They were on multiple Moyas split across dimensions. I need someone to realize that I am split.

It reminds me a bit also of that Crystal Skull Stargate episode, where they detect leptons in an alien ziggurat and through some accident involving elevated muon levels, a crystal skull and the electric discharge of a Zat gun, Daniel goes out of phase - sounds pretty Star Trekian - and cannot be seen or heard by the other characters until the process can be reversed.

Problem is, even I'm not enough of an expert to know how to reverse the process, and even if I were, I couldn't tell anyone about it. The closest I came to communicating was accidentally playing an audio file and that's not very useful. It's not like there's some Ouija board for the dimensionally displaced. Some kind of binary input device would be great! I can't even reply on the old "shutter optics once for yes"!

[ooc: Appropriate Music. The Farscape episode is episode 17 in Season one Through the Looking Glass. The Stargate episode is the season one episode Crystal Skull. Slipspace is specific to Halo, but other franchises also use a form of Slipstream travel. Yes, a remarkably similar post was previously made and later deleted.]
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