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Transformers In Character!
Day of the Dead [open, prompt response] 
3rd-Nov-2010 02:52 am
TFA Slipstream

It is a couple days past Halloween, and the unusual eeriness has left the nexus. The weather is yet autumnal; crisp and cool. Today, there is something happening along the street in Park Slope. The road and walkways between the towering, violet-toned apartment building and the recently manicured park are filled with displays of orange flowers, consumables, quirky figurines and small holographic projections of deactivated or departed bots.

Slipstream, back in her usual teal and violet deco, after the Halloween Party, is seated on one of the many benches that have been brought out in offering for restless sparks to find symbolic rest.

I went to Mexico, once. It was the Autumn before I found myself here in the Nexus....

No, that is not the beginning. I should start earlier. Starscream created me, and my brothers. Before our creation, Starscream - the loser - went and got himself killed by Megatron. Megatron cheated a bit, using that key, but whatever, it's not like Starscream didn't try every underhanded and deceitful ploy when he was trying to take The Mighty One offline.

Anyway, at some point, Starscream had gotten an AllSpark fragment lodged in his head, which made him...undead, or alive, or immortal. Call it what you will! So what did the genius do? Went right back to trying to kill Megatron! Now, I'm all for vengeance against those who offend or injure me, but at some point, one's got to learn which tactics to enact that revenge are just ineffective!

He failed, of course! Even immortal he failed; just now he could fail spectacularly in rapid succession. So, what did he do? Come up with some all new strategy? Spend time rethinking his tactics? NO! He slaggin' went back to his tired, old bomb schemes! He makes me so mad!

Not only did he fail to trap Megatron with his scheme, he completely escalated his fail by drawing in the Autobots - he should have known that would happen as soon as he endangered the city - and getting himself captured! They carted him off, as it were, on that blue ship: the Elite Guard.

They extracted his codes while he was captive, but I'm gettin' a bit off topic....

Point is: Starscream escaped. That is where things really begin to affect me! By escaping the Elite Guard,and so soon after trying to slag Megatron, again, Starscream managed to get himself on the wanted list of both factions! Which resulted, firstly, in me inheriting the animosity of both factions the moment I came online, but prior to that, in the fated - maybe - team-up of the two most upgrade-juiced, crafty, bad-aft martial artists I've ever heard of!

This pairing coincided with Starscream's awesome strategy of cloning decoys. It was...not one of his worst ideas, I'll say. The Dynamic Duo took them down pretty quickly...but that might have been to Starscream's design. He just had to go and stick with the whole bomb theme! I still fail to see the logic in making clones in his own image only to treat them as disposable! And, I still fail to see why the Autobots - of all supposedly life-respecting bots - could be so quick to let them explode. Maybe it's true there was little time, maybe war does things to a mech, maybe they had to concede that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...maybe those eldest two were drone-like, but did they know? Would it have made a difference?

It makes a difference to me, because whatever others do to Starscream, or to one of my brothers, I have to assume may, even potentially, be done to me.

And coming online knowing all this - in a kind of summarized format unlike living the memories - being another clone of Starscream, I knew I had to do what I could to protect my interests...from Megatron, from Autobots, and from Starscream, or it could be me that was captured, experimented on, or blown up.

I wanted it to be different. I wanted Starscream to somehow show or say that I wasn't a disposable decoy, to communicate that he wanted me with him. But...he didn't, exactly. And, if that battle had gone differently, maybe I would have acted differently, but what I saw was...so long as we had Megatron, his Decepticons, the Autobots, and even Sumdac against us, we couldn't win. Not with Starscream and all my brothers. Not...not with Starscream's leadership, and not with enemies on every front.

The easiest enemy to remove was Megatron, and all that took was submitting to his cause. It was actually one of the most obvious and easiest decisions I ever had to make. I do not regret it, after all, I do agree with the Decepticon goals of gaining access to and control over our homeworld and most-sacred artifact. It was a treacherous act, but it was also intelligent. Removed an entire faction as enemies and made them allies.

That left the Autobots - Team Earth, their Ministry of Science, and the Elite Guard included - and Starscream as enemies. I started making plans to handle those threats, and that brings me back to the beginning: Mexico.

It was autumn. I'd spent the time since our battle at the Carbon mines - with Megatron and Starscream away - seeking AllSpark fragments. I kept in contact with other Decepticons in the city, as I could, but I was operating on my own. It was obvious the others didn't have much teamwork, without Megatron, so I knew I had to have an advantage to present the to them, if I were going to get them to follow. Ramjet and Sunstorm would follow, I thought, if I had a plan or target, and I was still working on that.

Until I started to hear less chatter...at the same time the Elite Guard was back. I heard just enough to think maybe...maybe Megatron's bounty hunter of preference was involved. I wasn't sure. I didn't know about Ramjet's plans, then. But, I knew Decepticons were getting picked-up, if not by Lockdown, certainly - somehow - by the Elite Guard.

I didn't care much about Blitzwing and Lugnut. I mean, they're entertaining enough, and I'd fly with them again, but I wasn't going to risk myself for them. And, though I wanted it to be different, I wasn't going to risk myself for my brothers, either. Because, I was slaggin sure Blackarachnia or Scrapper wouldn't be motivated to do it, which meant I was the only one left to help. And if I got caught, then, there would be no one else with any motivation to stage a rescue.

The idea of escaping from the inside wasn't something I was prepared to consider, though I knew Starscream had escaped from that ship before.

My decision was to temporarily leave Detroit. And unlike the one to side with Megatron, it wasn't easy. I had two brothers in the city; three of us could have been strong together. But, I wasn't yet ready to assume leadership of the other two. I'd been quiet in my searches for the fragments. I hadn't bothered humans too much - except maybe those Crimson Angels - I knew that would draw the Autobots. I'd wanted more time, for everything. Starscream had millions of stellar cycles to plot! I had less than an Earth year! I wasn't as cowardly as Skywarp, but the smartest thing I could think to do was run...fly rather.

That's how I ended up in Mexico. I'd seen enough Earth movies on captured satellite channels to know that's where fugitives ran. And maybe, there were fragments there. The AllSpark had been dispersed that fragments had ended up all over Detroit, and that included airports, riverports and interstate highways.

The humans there were in the midst of a celebration. Two days that honored the spirits - like sparks - of dead ancestors, whether they be the young innocents, or the old. I was vaguely intrigued, having myself a sorta dead - and physically departed - progenitor. Los Día de los Muertos.

I had never witnessed - even heard of - such happiness in any race over others being dead. It has to do, I suppose, with their belief in an afterlife, like going to the Well, I guess. I don't really believe in that stuff! Still, it made an impression.

I could not stop thinking about that slaggin' bounty hunter. Granted I had never met him, but I had that sorta-summarized memory of what Starscream had witnessed through my eldest brothers. I knew he'd worked for Megatron before. Knew he was supposed to be good at tracking, that evidence suggested some Autobot had shown him how to trace AllSpark fragments, like the one I just happened to have in me. And...he's got a faceplate rather like a skull, let's face it!

This Day of the Dead celebration was all about skulls! Their Lady of the Dead deity - Mictecacihuatl - has a big wide jaw that can swallow stars! Think about that!

They had among these ofrendas, the offerings for the spirits things like flowers, and 'spirits' in the sense of beverages, and many foods, and so many skulls and skeletons, calaveras y calacas: skull candies, giant skeletons, skeleton figurines, dandy skeletons in hats and tails! El Catrin, the dandy skeleton, is so like that bounty hunter.

And, it wasn't only that. I'd see some human with a tattoo. Or, a human in a poncho. Or, a muscle car. It was like...a bad trip. You know what I mean? A bad trip to Mexico to face the fear I'd tried my best to avoid. I didn't want to be caught!

It was the beginning of something that at present has become an obvious association. I'm not saying anything else about it, but yeah, I'll give ya 'association'. I'm aware we've been seen together.

So in this story, I've still got the Autobots and Starscream as enemies, right? Well, I said I was making plans. Another tradition of this Day of the Dead is telling anecdotes about the departed. And Starscream, as I left him, is offline. Thus, the many holograms of him, and the toxic cocktails he would appreciate, and my story. Because I did find something I was seeking in Mexico, and I had it when I returned to Detroit. I had it when I found his gray shell. I hadn't used it before I came here, and it didn't come with me, but I know where it is, like I know where his shell is.

That's how I can remove another enemy and make them an ally. And, make him really notice me. I don't mean, notice me as some paramour, like a future consort; I mean, notice that he's a dead loser without me. Forget better half; I'm his best part!

I might hate myself for it, he makes me so crazy...but, offline, even though he's not an active enemy, he's not an asset, either.

And then, that just leaves the Autbots. I'm not saying anything more about them. I'm not afraid of them! And...we're all members of the same, small community here. Endangering any member of the community would be like shooting oneself in the foot. Only a total loser would do something like that!

[ooc: It might be a slight stretch of the canon timeline saying the events of Five Servos of Doom took place around late October, but it is true the episode is several before Human Error, which does take place at Christmas; and based on appearances of snow throughout the series, and the age of the Witwiky baby born in Season 2 and shown in Human Error, it's plausible a full year has passed after Along Came A Spider. Slipstream was not show in the cartoon between the Decepticon assault on Omega Supreme, near the carbon mines, and her shooting down Wingblade Optimus over Detroit; this covers the time in which fellow Decepticons (Swindle, Ramjet, Sunstorm, Lugnut, and Blitzwing) were captured. So, canonically, we don't know where she was, except that she wasn't captured. There are 'deleted' scenes described in AllSpark Almanac II which indicate she was intended to be the one to discover Starscream's offlined shell. So that scene is pseudocanon. In the 'deleted' scene the storyboard descibes Slipstream reactivating Starscream with "one of her AllSpark fragments". That makes it sound like she had more than one. So, my conclusion is that Slipstream, at least pseudocanonically, spent Season 3, avoiding capture, and seeking AllSpark fragments. That she did any of this in Mexico is just my head!canon.]
[ooc: music - Voltaire - Day of the Dead]
4th-Nov-2010 01:54 am (UTC)
TFA Lockdown

Lockdown is unsettled. Ever since his discussion with Slipstream during the bizarre Halloween events, a bothersome worry has been rattling his processor. She had "politely" declined his invitation to return to the Death's Head with him, where they could continue their discussion, saying she had promised Fireflight a visit to the Roost. Lockdown didn't buy that excuse, otherwise why wouldn't she have left with Fireflight? She had also been acting peculiar. She had accused him of seducing her merely for a bounty--a bounty that is old history and doesn't even apply in the Nexus--then she took back her accusation, and tried to play off that everything was fine.

Clearly everything is not fine, and this has him worried.

She isn't hard to find. He knows how to track the All Spark energy signature of her shard--a trick Prowl had shown him during their brief bounty hunter partnership.

Pulling up the morbidly-festive setting, Lockdown twists into root mode and winds his way around the displays. Who puts altars in the middle of the street? He spots Slipstream on a nearby bench. She doesn't yet see him, yet he hears her talking. He hears his name mentioned, in reference to his past hunt for the clones, and he instantly slips into a holographic cloak. Sure, eavesdropping on one's lover is a cheap tactic, but Lockdown has no qualms playing dirty. He remains silent, utilizing his limited ninja training, listening to everything. He finally understands where she got the nickname, Sugarskull. This makes him smile. He never knew about her experiences on Earth. Since he was never able to locate her signature in Detroit, he had assumed she left the area, but he hadn't known where she went.

When she finishes, he breaks out of stealth then approaches coolly, offering the flower as a peace offering. His voice is laced with both concern and caution, his spark assuming a defensive mode. He honestly doesn't know what to expect from her.

Mind if I ask who exactly is at risk a'danger?
4th-Nov-2010 03:27 am (UTC)
Slipstream looks up from the bench, mild surprise quickly covered by a smirky smile.

You, maybe.

For all the bitterness in her answer, Slipstream takes the small flower in her talons and twirls it between her sharp digits, admiring it with softly glowing optics.

Or me, not that I'm unusually paranoid anymore. She shrugs, not up to full snarkiness. She's still somewhat affected by the realizations of the last lunar cycle.

Certainly not any Autobots who, if not in this Nexus, would consider me the enemy. It really isn't as much of a consolation as she would like that one of them is already offlined beyond the Nexus. As far as she knows, he might find some way to go Master Kenobi on them and continue to make appearances. The idea that an enemy or rival is merged with the AllSpark isn't comforting to one with a piece of the AllSpark in her chest. It's not in my interest to break any truce.

Slipstream straightens in her seat, forcing her smirk a bit. She sets the flower beside her to take one of the cocktails from the nearby altar.

This is supposed to be a party, here. She lifts the cube, as if in toast. So, tell me, Sugarskull, you got any anecdotes about departed bots you feel like sharing?

Slipstream sips from the cube. Maybe that seems like a cruel question, but honoring the departed with this feast is supposed to appease any restless sparks, maybe even those still within the living. Or...you still looking for answers from me?

Edited at 2010-11-04 03:30 am (UTC)
4th-Nov-2010 04:54 am (UTC)
Helping himself to a cocktail, he takes a seat next to her, unconcerned with agenda of quitting "the drink." If she's going to bring up Yoketron, he's entitled to a little inebriation. He sits silent a moment, leaning into his legs, swirling the pink liquid.

Already toldja my story. He makes a half-ass toast, optics locked to the altar near them, watching the candles flicker, then takes a sip from his cube, the rich flavor instantly soothing. It's high grade. Really, really good high grade.

He take another sip--a slow savoring one--before finally lifting an expectant gaze to her.

What goin' on with ya, Trix?
4th-Nov-2010 05:35 am (UTC)
Slipstream watches closely as Lockdown takes a drink. It was never her idea or choice that he avoid the hard stuff, as it were, so if he wants to make a change, that's his decision to make. Maybe she needs to be a little over-energized to answer his questions.

Coattails, you're my mech. I hope you know that. But, slag if that wasn't a terribly open-ended question! I might not have real insight, but...my optics and diagnostics are all functional. I know it might seem I was really paranoid and hurtful recently. Might even have tried to keep you distant. But, I'm not sure you want to really know everything behind that. Slag, I'm not 100% certain I understand what goes on with me sometimes, and it's me!

She takes a long drought from her cube. She's really not sure whether it is wiser to keep things from him, or let him know now.


Lockdown, you're not my creator, and you're not my Leader, but you are here, and you see me, and you acknowledge my abilities.

And you fragging care what happens to me!

That messes with my processor, Sugar. I don't know what that makes you to me, except important.

And...sometimes, knowing you care, I don't know what information is going to be important to you, or what will set you off. I don't know sometimes if I should spare you, or tell you every detail.

Slipstream takes another long drink from her cube; she can feel the charge start to reach her circuits.

Things were laminar, like a really smooth flow, when I was sure everything was just causal, and equal exchange. Now, it's like flying through turbulence with you sometimes. Doesn't mean I want you gone; I can push through a rough flow. I enjoy a challenge. She trills laughter. Just...I'm really looking for that path of least resistance, and sometimes, it leads right back to resistance.
4th-Nov-2010 10:24 pm (UTC)
Keeping his focus on the cube, he lays his modded arm over her leg, the point of the hook just grazing her knee. It warms his spark to hear her honest words. He likes it when she calls him "her mech" and can barely remember the last time anyone referenced him like that.

I don't want this t'be work, darlin', but these things can rarely function without it...

Despite being out of practice when it comes to romantic relationships, he stills knows his basics. He's talked to enough sorry, sparkbroken saps in enough inter-galactic pit stops over the stellar cycles to understand how these things go.

If we wanna continue on as we started, supportin' each other and bein' able to speak our sparks, then we need to iron out the kinks as they come up.

The effects of the high-grade don't take long to loosen his joints and haze over his worries. He takes another drink, dimming his optics at the smooth flavor and humming contentedly as it coats his innards. Whatever she has to tell him, he can handle it...he hopes.

I want you to be able tell me anythin', even if ya think I won't like it.

The hook draws tiny circles over her knee as he allows the energon to work its magic, opening up his spark so the words can flow out effortlessly.

When I said loved ya, I meant it, which means all a'ya. Even your demons.

He tips his cube into a his now-smirking maw then turns to meet her gaze, raising an optic ridge. He's curious how the high-grade is going to effect her as he's never seen her drink before. She could get...dangerous.

Especially your demons.
5th-Nov-2010 01:02 am (UTC)
Slipstream is feeling full of energy, and somewhat emboldened by Lockdown's touch. Yet, she is still finding her way in how to act toward a lover; it's not like she's had one before. She extends her arm along Lockdown's back, until she can touch his opposite hip-wheel with the tips of her talons. She maintains the loose hold on him as she speaks.

It's good, if you can really trust someone is watching your tail. I see the value in having someone on my side. But...it's difficult, you know? Can't experience loss, can't fear loss, until you've had something to lose. I can handle being on my own, but I don't want to lose an ally, especially not to make one an enemy. I worked hard to remove others as my enemies. I worked to show my way would work...with guile.

She takes another sip from her cube, and pauses thoughtfully, before continuing, again.

But...I don't believe either of us actually seduced the other for some gain. Not reward. Not political gain. We just wanted to not be alone. We didn't want the fact that others had scorned us to mean we had to be alone. Do you believe me? That it wasn't really me, even though I said the words to accuse you?

It had been the paranoia talking. And, that paranoia wasn't her, even if it may have been routed in some shred of real fear. Right now, she feared a little Lockdown might press her about her motivations, and then she'd have to explain why she had needed Jazz to save her.
5th-Nov-2010 02:17 am (UTC)
The effects of the energon and the effects of her touch have him mostly relaxed, but they can't completely chase away his own paranoia. He hasn't forgotten that she had recently interacted with Jazz. He can only imagine what the guardsmech might have told her about his temporary partnering with Sentinel Prime; about how they ruthlessly hunted her kin. The last thing he needs if for her to hear Sentinel's version of that story, retold through Jazz, like one of those fraggin' gossip games when the truth gets distorted beyond recognition.

He takes a deep intake, his smirk having faded away.

I wanna believe ya, Trix. He turns to give her a pointed look. But if it wasn't you that said it, then who the frag was it?
5th-Nov-2010 03:14 am (UTC)
I said it! Slipstream shouts, then drops her voice to a desperate whisper, but it wasn't like the real me, because something was affecting me!

She twists in her seat, folding one leg before her. One hand still clings to Lockdown.

You remember I did that experiment and it...tore me apart. I understood that if I pursued technology that I did not understand, in that way, that I could lose myself. And, more...it wouldn't only be some personal loss. I understood that others would hurt: You, Ramjet, or Sari, or Wasp. So, I abandoned that strategy, that research. When I went back to work, I undertook new research. I took precautions.

She takes a deep gulp of energon, and it's followed by a minor surge. She looks up, optics over-bright.

I dove the mainframe in the research facility. Direct hardline connection. I made a backup of all my operating code and memory, just in case something happened. I had - I thought - advanced enough firewalls and data protection. But, something happened when I was immersed in the system. The mainframe itself had defensive protocols that managed to access and mine my memory. It - the mainframe produced images that would...disturb me. It might have gotten bad enough that I was lost...but I could have been restored from the back-up I made. Except...

Jazz found me there, and connected to me, and helped me pull safely out of the dive.

She continues to explain rapidly, When I came out of the dive, I was still...disturbed. It was...awkward. I didn't really fault his decision to help, but I wasn't really pleased with the situation in general. It made me lose status to seem to need saving! And I didn't like that he had intelligence on me!

Ramjet came, and Jazz quickly left, but he told us first about the strange happenings in the Nexus. I didn't really know I also was affected, not at first, but I was. Something - not the mainframe - played on how disturbed I was and filled me with suspicion and paranoia.
5th-Nov-2010 03:49 am (UTC)
Lockdown stills, averting his gaze back to the cube as he takes it all in. A bad vibe starts resonating across his sensor net: a mix of worry, paranoia and jealousy. He doesn't expect her to keep him informed of her business, but has to wonder how an Autobot...THAT Autobot was the one to aid her.

You let that guardsmech jack into you?

A lot of what she had said after mentioning Jazz's "heroics" was lost, his thoughts bristling with suspicion and skewing his logical functions.

You got a small army a'cons at your facility, and yanno you coulda comm'd me for backup, yet Jazz was the one to find you?

He twists around to impale her with a disapproving glare, his processor taking a moment to catch up in its now-heightened state. He tries to keep a neutral calm to his voice, but his anger is tough to suppress.

It's no fraggin' wonder you were disturbed! Lettin' the EG in that close. M'sure the "strange occurrences" made the perfect cover for whatever bad lines a'code he coulda fed ya while connected. Fraggin' Guard probably wants to get their servos on your facility...get Nexus number one energon producer under Autobot control.

5th-Nov-2010 04:04 am (UTC)
Slipstream glares right back. Are you even listening to me? I didn't let anyone jack in. I was fully immersed in the dive and not aware what was going on outside. That was my fault. I left myself vulnerable diving so deeply. I realize that now! Lesson fragging learned!

And, he didn't insert anything in my code! I told you I had a backup! As paranoid as I was at the time, I ran a comparison check.

Slipstream sighs heavily. I don't care about Jazz; I'm not afraid of him. Slag, I'd jack into another bot against their will, if I thought it'd give me an advantage!

I just...don't really like the idea that there are bots who can pull the shard from my chamber with the will of their processor.

Edited at 2010-11-05 04:05 am (UTC)
5th-Nov-2010 04:49 am (UTC)
Your shar--!

Tossing his empty cube aside, he turns to face her completely, gripping her shoulders with an urgent and blazing concern. This new bit of information only fuels the fire of his paranoia and distrust for the intentions of the Elite Ninja.

Did he have a go at your shard?!

Lockdown is well aware of P over M's potential power, and he's fully versed on Detroit's history with it.

Edited at 2010-11-05 04:51 am (UTC)
5th-Nov-2010 05:21 am (UTC)
Slipstream's own near-empty cube falls as Lockdown takes hold over her. She folds her arms over her cockpit canopy.


Slowly, she unfolds one arm and lifts her hand to touch Lockdown's faceplate.

Sugar, if anyone had gone after my shard, one one of us would have come out of that confrontation. No one's touched it.

She looks at Lockdown quietly, for a few moments. She was this paranoid, she thinks.

Even so, it's not comforting that anyone could...do what they did to Starscream. He was their enemy, and he was going to blow up Detroit...but to go that way without battle? She shakes her head.

My having this shard, this fragment of the AllSpark in me, means there are only a few bots who are a real threat to me. My experience in the dive made me realize it fully. And, maybe it also let them know their power to threaten me.

And if I couldn't feel your desire for me to be living and at your side, you'd be a risk, too. When I was affected by the eeriness everywhere, I couldn't feel that from you, I got suspicious.

Sugar, don't you let me get soft. You know how I feel about you, but I don't wanna feel weak or vulnerable.
5th-Nov-2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
The firm grip on her arm remains, but only so he can pull her flush to his chest and wrap her in a strong embrace, ensuring this "eeriness" phenomenon would not interfere with them again.

He holds her in silence as time slows around them. His circuits twinge and flare with dizzying overcharge, but that only proves to heighten the feeling of her pressed against him. He knows exactly what it feels like to fear weakness. It's a fear he battles nearly everyday in Nexus.

But moments like these are the exception.

Know what the beauty of "us" is darlin'? His purring tone resonates across both of their chassis. It's a place where fear and weakness are rewarded with a kindred spirit who knows just how you're feelin'.

Placing a kiss to her helm, he dims his optics, not bothered by their public display. His scanners indicate they are alone anyhow.

I know you ain't soft. And your fears are justified...fully trained cyber ninjas are a force to be reckoned with...

He wants to say she has nothing to worry about, but he's still suspicious about Jazz's intentions of coming around her facility. As for Prowl, he assumes his business partner values the truce over which faction controls the energon production in Nexus, and that sharing a berth with guardsmech hasn't tainted his way of thinking.

But only if ya push 'em. His tone darkens as he attempts to mask his suspicious. Ninjas are peaceful by nature. You steer clear of 'em, they should do the same to you.

He can only hope that's true.
6th-Nov-2010 01:04 am (UTC)
I am so good at steering clear of things. Slipstream makes the claim through giggles.

Though she doesn't want to do anything unbecoming in public, Slipstream is just buzzed enough that her view of what is appropriate is quite relaxed. She wiggles and arches, wanting to get even closer, and finally drapes her arms over Lockdown's shoulders.

Another surge hits, and her vocalizer hiccups as she giggles, I love you.

You could be the death of me, Catrin, but I know, for all your stealth and tools, you'd give me a real battle. You come spar with me; I won't let you get soft.
6th-Nov-2010 05:03 am (UTC)
As she giggles and squirms against him, Lockdown can't help but respond with a hearty chuckle .

Hold up a 'klik, hot-ta-trot...

Her over-energized state is nearly-irresistible, especially since his energon has him rather...tingly. His hand has already found a comfortable hold on her aft while the hook dares to toy with the underside of her wing.

'Fore ya get all feisty on me, you certain you're doin' okay?

He leans in for an-almost kiss, his words hot on her lips.

Cuz I don't want ya soberin' up mid-...mid-whatever we're gearin' up to do, feelin' paranoid and defensive. Things could get real ugly real fast, and I certainly don't need you tearin' me a new wasteport.
6th-Nov-2010 06:22 am (UTC)
Slipstream maintains the same slim distance between them as she draws her right arm back to place her talons at Lockdown's neck.

Whose gettin' feisty?

She pushes her wing back slowly, against the point his hook.

I told you: I'm not paranoid anymore. But, whether I tear you apart or get defensive greatly depends on what you think we're gearin' up to, Sugar. I don't see things getting ugly; not when we just made things right, again. Even if we fight, that's gonna be good.
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