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Transformers In Character!
Slipstream's Mission Log: Squishies 
28th-Feb-2010 09:07 pm
TFA Slipstream

*recording another mission log to pass the time*

Still on Earth with all the squishy, human beings. I'll say this for squishies: some of them show a lot more sense than some mechs I know. Detroit's own Mayor Edsel, for example: There's a leader who knows when to shut up and let someone more intelligent do the talking.

I don't know much about other sentient, organic races, let alone all the non-sentient creatures in the universe. I know there are other races. I hear things, pick up faint radio chatter. I am dutifully monitoring for contacts, allied or otherwise. I made several attempts to locate and secure a tachyon transmitter. No joy. Searched the old carbon mines. Nearly ran out of fuel returning from searching the Nemesis wreck on Luna. Reentry was difficult. Made a water landing in Lake Erie. I am an elite flier, the best bar one; but my alt-mode, space worthy that it is, it not really designed for frequent shuttling between planetary bodies. There is an air museum nearby, and some military bases, where humans keep aircraft and fuel. This Earth-style alt-mode does allow me to process jet fuel and oil. So, I am not in danger of starving.

I'm more in danger of being bored to death. Other than keeping myself operational, and maintaining a low profile, I gather intelligence on the native human beings. As I suggested, in acquiring fuel for myself, their military infrastructure: protocols, information technology, communications, and physical bases are not very difficult to decode and infiltrate. They are primitive compared to the Cybertronian technology I have been equipped with.

When I have no other tasks, I view the human media and public data networks. These human-centric outlets provide insight into the planet Earth's dominant species. These networks carry a variety of programming including educational documentaries, governmental proceedings, reality and contest shows, news, rhetoric and debate shows, organized team and individual competition, dramas, situational comedies, speculative works of fantasy, erotic adult programming, children's programming, and the various multimedia fare including public logs and journals, amateur media, peer-reviewed public databases, and shared photomanipulations.

Analysis of this data has provided me a unique understanding of Earth-culture, such as it is. They do have some level of global society and culture, but there are micro communities or sub cultures within the larger, such that what is true within one continental landmass or borders of a sovereignty, may not be true elsewhere. For example, they really like cats - feline organics considered semi-sentient by humankind - especially sharing images of cats. In some eastern communities, cats are preferred to be cute, to give salutations, and to beckon with a claws tipped down. In Western communities, the cats range in cuteness, are often depicted within glass containers, on ceilings, or manipulating invisible objects...and beckoning is expressed with claws up, rather than down. This level of respect and honorary sentience bestowed upon the cat is, I think, rather similar to the reverence for the traits of the turbofox, in Decepticon programming: quickness, cunning, lethalness, grace of movement.

The planet Earth is likewise divided in forms of government. The masses denounce such systems of government as Capitalism, yet seem to desire gaining wealth, upon which Capitalism is based. Talk show hosts are most popular when they present their audience members and guests with free gifts, which would otherwise have cost much wealth in native currency to acquire. For all the game, contest, competitions and sports programming they have, little in their society is based on individual merit, and no political clout or rank is afforded to the winners of these contests. Rather they usually receive currency to play. Funds, educational opportunities and some jobs are awarded to those with the most need and this is considered democratic and charitable, perhaps socialistic. Otherwise, a lot of currency goes to celebrities, who have great political clout and ability to influence social change, in order to receive their endorsement of goods, or continued participation in dramatic works.

I heard that Swindle was on Earth, and from what little I know of him, he should have done very well in the area, given his capitalistic tendencies. I think it was Autobot interference. The Guard had bounties on Decepticons, including my brothers and myself, which is why I have not advertised my location. I'm pretty sure it was Lockdown who turned-in Ramjet and Sunstorm. I understand it's all business with some mechs: more about the currency - or what it can buy - than the cause. Not so different from humans with our differing political views. Still, as attractive as anyone with a starship may seem right now, contrary to my name, I am not riding those coattails.

I do not know that humans feel a need to have someone to test and prove their selves against.

I want my brothers back...just because it makes strategic sense to rebuild the army, and the Autobots did not defeat a one of them fairly or on their own; they had help from neutrals, and Megatron's followers.

Speaking of...of note to Cybertronians, is the humans inclination and aptitude for imitation and reverse engineering. Even the most primitive of humankind are tool-users. As a race they well understand the advantage of simple machines: gears, levers, pulleys; and they will use them. Allow the modern and most educated among them even a small sampling of Cybertronian technology, and they will find a way to copy it. Perhaps, at first in some greatly simplified form. Many current events in Detroit, where I am posted, have been related to Cybertronian technology falling into the hands of human beings. They are small and physically unimposing, but in numbers or against an already disabled Cybertronian, the humans can be a real threat. One, Isaac Sumdac, found such an injured Cybertronian, and in the space of one of their generations, founded a robotics revolution which completely altered the socio-economic climate of Detroit, and had far-reaching effects, as his automatons were sold to humans about the planet. I understand there is a Decepticon, created here on Earth, who has made the ending of human oppression of robotic intelligence his political agenda: Soundwave. I have not met him, yet, but I have had brief contact with his associate Ratbat, when I have been within the city at night.

I try to avoid direct contact with humans. I do not fear for myself in combat, of course, but lacking other orders, and having limited resources, I have determined it most effective to remain in reconnaissance mode. Much of what I know of them is through their works. In this manner, it is easier to forget their organic nature, and perceive only the sentient mind. I do not doubt they are sentient. Lesser-advanced, but not dumb animals. If it comes to battle, their champions might make worthy opponents, though I expect the masses to panic, cower, and be easily swayed with free gifts of kitten calendars. Still, it is, for us the difference between being warriors and being exterminators. A Seeker is not mere pest control.
1st-Mar-2010 03:03 am (UTC)
IDW Blot

I think you have pretty colors.

1st-Mar-2010 03:08 am (UTC)
Bayverse Bonecrusher

Excuse me as I indulge in a very uncharacteristic bout of spark-wringing laughter.

Yeah, Blot. Good luck with that. If she gives you the time of day, it's because she's stealing your chronometer.

Edited at 2010-03-01 03:08 am (UTC)
1st-Mar-2010 03:25 am (UTC) - G1 Afterburner
A leader who knows when to shut up? There's somethin' you don't hear everyday.
3rd-Mar-2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
IDW Skywarp (This comment is a Video Reply, or something, if that's okay?)

Running that at double-spead and adding white noise... you sound exactly like Screamer (but more attractive and less related to me).

Except for that end bit where you sound like Th-

-End Recording-
3rd-Mar-2010 03:31 pm (UTC)
TFA Slipstream


Somehow, I doubt he let's anyone call him 'Screamer'.

4th-Mar-2010 10:21 am (UTC)
IDW Skywarp

*Daydreams about slim forward swept wings while he's supposed to be on monitor duty.*
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