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Transformers In Character!
Rules and Punishment 
22nd-Mar-2010 06:15 pm
Rules and Punishment.

[Slipstream stands, pensive, arms crossed and head bowed, in the personal quarters she has claimed for herself. The visible chamber is dim, but a berth can be seen in the background, and above it, an ornamental rack holding several old swords, possibly of Cybertronian origin.]

There is one rule: succeed. Everything else is mutable; subject to interpretation, circumstance or personal code.

The punishment for failing to succeed is failure itself. All other judgments passed are mere discipline, conditioning, or deterrent to others.

*lifts her head – with extra-smoky optics - and sneers* Rather fortune cookie of me, but it's been a few bad Solars! Excuse me, I need to take an energon shower to refresh...maybe even an oil bath.

*keys the control pad to close the door*

[Anyone to chime now would probably catch Slipstream before her shower, but still in a bad mood. If one were to wait a while to come to her quarters, she may have finished personal maintenance and be in a better mood.]

[ooc: not that the giant robot undresses, but, no, you can't go in when she's in her bath...even though some Starscreams take energon showers with their Minicons, some Megatrons do have hot tubs, and some Galvatrons like to bathe in plasma, super energon etc., Slipstream is apparently more Americanized and bathes privately.]
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