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tf_ic_prompts's Journal

Transformers In Character!
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transformers, prompts, role play
First: about us. We’re not a ‘real’ RP, nor a ‘real’ dressing room. We’re…somewhere between the two. A player-driven free-form RP that features prompts and suggestions from the mods to have fun with. And very player-driven! Which means it may be a bit tricky figuring out what’s what! So we wrote this handy post to hopefully clarify some of these issues.

What’s up: we’re continually evolving. As such, we will try our hardest to make rules to clarify situations as they crop up! Almost every rule on this comm (after the first 8) has been player-initiated or in response to an issue a player raised.

What we do
: Every week on Sunday, we’ll post a mod post. The post will have all sorts of useful information, including a prompt for you to play with, challenges, or clarifications of issues. Please read the mod posts!

What you do: You can treat it as a dressing room with some CR (character relations) or you can take it as a player-directed RP. It is up to you how you want to go. We do not have formal applications (unlike most ‘real’ RPs) only claims. However, we do ask you to stay with your canon and characterization.
When you post, please TAG YOUR POST with your character. It makes it much easier to do activity checks, and for players to find you!

Please keep your posts on this comm PG-13 rated and below. We do allow as much smut as you want, but on tf_ic_prompts2, which is adult rated. We ask that you tag AND members-lock over there.

What to do when you get here:

DIVE ON IN once you’ve heard back from the character claims. If you want someone to look over your initial post, contact one of us: we’d be glad to look it over for you! You can do a standard ‘arrival how the hell did I get here?’ or you can pick up one of the prompts (they are always available for you to answer!) and have fun with that. Generally, players will come say hi and you can go from there! It may feel a little weird the first week or so, because it takes some time to build CR. Do your best not to drop tags, and to have fun!

Posts after that can refer to any sort of plotting you’re doing (should you choose to do so) or a prompt response or any combination thereof.

SOUNDS GOOD? Great. Let's get started:

First: you'll need to claim a character. This character will be the voice you speak in. So, if you pick Frenzy, all of your posts and comments should be in character *as Frenzy* and not you. Click
here to see who has already been claimed, and if the one you want is available, simply cut and paste the scroll-box formatting and fill it out (thoroughly--this may fill more than one comment box!) in a comment there. Comments will be screened.

Second, ideally, it would be helpful if you had an icon of that character to use here.

Third: Within a week (normally less than) we will get back to you regarding your application. Once you've been given the green light, hop on in.

Fourth: The rules

Player Contact info

If you have issues or questions you can contact us:
Email: tficmods@gmail.com

PM: tficmods

Wicked3659 (scary mod) AIM wicked3659
Antepathy (flaily mod) AIM hellkittyclaws


Character Claims


Basic RP Conduct